The Story of My Life Foundation site and the Story of My Life(beta) sites officially launch.
June 2007

(Silicon Valley) In this wide world of Web 2.0, a clear delineation between generations has come to a smashing collision. With the unprecendented explosion of social networking and online content collaboration tools, most people under the age of 25 have net savvy skills and think nothing of putting personal information online. The older generations are more skeptical and many still fear putting data about themselves on the internet.

Both parties have valid arguments for and against their concerns or lack thereof. Identity theft, cyber stalking, harassment, even violence - such stories hit the papers and worried parents monitor their children's internet usage and personal web pages. On the other hand, it's simple enough to buy credit card, social security numbers, addresses and much, much more online for a paltry sum.

The (albeit very important) safety issue aside, the fact remains that this is a Digital world, and like it or not, an online impression is one that lasts a very, very long time. The younger people of today may find some of their unfettered ranting and pictures come back to haunt them at a later date, because their indelible electronic footprints have been kept for posterity.

Backtracking, imagine finding your great-great-great-Grandmother's diary in a box in the attic. Imagine the treasure trove of information, the long familial sense of ties and identity this would envoke. This diary is, of and by itself, priceless; and even moreso when considered that it gives insight and knowledge to a family lineage.

Marrying these somewhat divergent ideas - taking the senses of ancestry, family pride, and connections through generations, and engaging the use of new technologies - is what the purpose of the Story of My Life and its Foundation have co-joined in order to undertake.

SO what if someone writes a compelling memoir or autobiography if it's kept on a DVD that will lose its readability in 20 years, or a book that gets destroyed in a flood, or family pictures lost in a fire? Even if such pieces of family history were sitting locked away safely but no one knew about it, or was reading them, what is the purpose? History is made to be shared. Doing a search on "Marilyn Monroe biography" nets over 9,600 results. In 100, 200, 1,000 years from now, who will be searching for you? Given this year of 2007, maybe Bill Gates, Oprah, Osama bin Laden - these notorious or illustrious names might have a shot, but the average person?

Does that make it any less compelling or important that each and every person has made an impact on this world? Every tiny foot has left an imprint? Absolutely not.

The Story of My Life Foundation wants every single living person in this planet to leave behind their Story. The Foundation exists to ensure that the Stories are kept in perpetuity.

THe websites, found at and the Foundation site at, officially launched in June 2007. Anyone can utilize the easy-to-use tools to write a life story, upload pictures, videos, and much more, and then connect those Stories together through Family & Friends Networks. The key is to link the generations together so that in 100, 200, or 1,000 years your great-great-great-great-grandchildren and beyond will be reading about your life. Your hopes, your dreams, your jobs, your pets, your hobbies and interests, your loves, YOUR STORY.

Both sites are free to use, so long as the user remains active. Users may assign Guardians to their Stories to manage them in case of incapacitation. Guardianships may be passed along to future generations, keeping the Stories linked. Users may then purchase any amount of "Forever" permanent storage Space, where the Foundation takes proceed based on a sophisticated algorithm and put it into an endowment fund that collects interest to store them for today + 100 years in perpetuity.

No one may use the site anonymously because the intention of the Story of My Life site is to capture the "official" Story of you - and you control the Story you want to leave behind. Users may control who and when others see all or part of their Story through access rights and future release dates.

The Foundation will also establish a grant fund to fund volunteer expiditions to capture the Stories of those who would otherwise not have access to the internet or ability to leave a Story. Indigenous populations etc. would have a voice of their timestamp on this earth.

Issued by and for the Board of Directors of SOML Foundation
Victoria K. Backer, President
26 June 2007

The Story of My Life Foundation gets its approval for 501(c)(3) not for profit status from the IRS.
March 2007

(Silicon Valley) The Story of My Life Foundation recieved the proverbial green-light from the I.R.S. to begin operations as a not-for-profit 501(c)(3) organization based on US standards for becoming a non-profit entity.

Securing non-profit status with the IRS is a complex process that requires a solid team of legal and management. Mr. Dan Leer of the Entrepreneur's Law Group has had a success rate of 100% in securing non-profit status for all of the entities' applications with which he's been involved.

The Foundation will take donations and procure funding from sales of Permanent "Forever" Space that will go into an endowment fund to collect interest and ensure enough funds to keep the online Stories of people online, accessible, redundantly backed-up and secure for the current day plus the next century, thus ensuring it has sustainability to keep Stories online and accessible in perpetuity.

The Foundation's charter has charged itself with several mission elements including secure storage in redundant locations and perpetual back-up, allowing all the main file types but keeping the types limited in order to keep up with technology to ensure the file are accessible in the future as technology changes, thus keeping Stories secure & accessible, and attempting to, in some shape and form, to gather the Story of every living person now and beyond as well as memorial tributes to those who have passed beyond.

-To collect and keep people’s Legacies, in the form of Stories and corresponding files, forever.
-To assure this data is accessible online forever.
-To respect people’s privacy wishes regarding their data.
-To capture the Story of every person on earth.
-To sponsor Story pages for those who otherwise may not have means to do so.

Through sharing Stories, Family Trees, groups, pictures, files and more, the site allows users to build an interactive, collaborative story and then pass it along as their family lineage grows over time.

The Foundation's site will be launching in early summmer 2007 to begin building the largest database in the world of collective human stories and allow people to build growing networks of connections through Networks of Friends, Familes and much more.

Issued by and for the Board of Directors of SOML Foundation
Victoria K. Backer, President
21 March 2007

The Story of My Life Foundation elects its inagural Board of Directors.
Jan 5, 2007

Story of My Life Foundation BOD Announcement

(Silicon Valley) Victoria Backer, Senior Vice President of Member Services for the United Fresh Produce Association in Washington DC, has been named as the President of the new story of My Life Foundation, a USA 501(c)(3) not for profit entity established on January 1, 2007. The Foundation in turn elected its inagural Board of Directors to prepare for its impending launch in June.

The Board of Directors include Greg Beattie (MBV Law), Christian Buckley (Microsoft), Morris Hoodye (HP) and Patrick Tardif (Eravita). The Board's diverse background brings with it the key elements of building a highly complex non-profit organization and the formidable task to which it has been tasked.

Ms. Backer's background in running an extremely well-endowed Foundation and lobbying organization brings the programming expertise and non-profit experience to lead the Foundation. Mr. Beattie is a law partner with MBV Law firm in Emeryville, CA and has been on numerous non-profit Boards and practices with non-profit legal issues, formations, mergers, and other complex topics. Christian Buckley is a specialist in online Collaboration and a huge proponent of the newest and greatest online social networking tools as well as the founder of non-profits and active member of many diverse communities. Morris Hoodye spends his workday time on security, data maintenance and reliability with huge-scale and top-security dependent software systems. Patrick Tardif is the CEO Of Eravita and TierSolution, software firms that work for Fortune 500 clients with big stakes in the Web 2.0 world, and has co-founded two succesful non-profits.

The Board of Directors will be finalizing the website, legal questions, structure, and other required elements in order for the early summer launch of its website. The Foundation's purpose is to maintain and keep accessible the Stories of people - Forever. The Foundation's endowment fund, built upon by people purchasing "Forever Space", will be enough, based on today's prices of storage, facilities, staff, back-ups and internet accessibility, to maintain the Stories for a period of years. The prices will be evaulated every six months to ensure they are inline with current pricing models.

The Story of My Life Foundation birth in 2007 is just the beginning of a long, long life ahead of it. The Board of Directors is committed to making this organization transparent, forthright, successful, and leaving lasting Legacies of everyone - Forever.

Issued by and for the Board of Directors of SOML Foundation
Victoria K. Backer, President
05 January 2007