Mission Statement

ForeverThe Story of My Life Foundation™ is a not-for-profit
entity who manages the content related to the
Story of My Life website.

Our Mission Statement

  • To collect and keep people’s Legacies, in the form of
    Stories and corresponding files, forever.

  • To assure this data is accessible online forever.

  • To respect people’s privacy wishes regarding their

  • To capture the Story of every person on earth.

  • To sponsor Story pages for those who otherwise may not have
    means to do so

Our Forever Promise: how

Every Story created online at Story of My Life is entrusted for safe-keeping by the Story of My Life Foundation™, a not-for-profit organization established for the eternal preservation, maintenance, and guaranteed access to the Stories. Part of the proceeds from every created Story are contributed directly to the Foundation in an endowment fund to cover hosting, storage, staff, and retrieval costs in perpetuity.

The Foundation is entrusted with using the best security and long term data storage technologies available. If this means shooting a time capsule full of data to Mars or using laser encryption to put billions of records on a storage unit the size of a pin, then the Foundation will consider these options to store and maintain Stories forever.

Our Forever Promise: accessibility

The Foundation has an obligation to ensure that access to the Stories is perpetual. As technology, even the internet, changes in future generations, the Foundation will ensure that the latest access methods are incorporated so that no special tools will be required of the User to access this data.

Our Forever Promise: privacy

The Foundation uses the latest technologies to ensure that information that is private is kept private. Story of My Life Foundation™ utilizes the latest encryption tools and employing best practices in security and data monitoring at our offices and state of the art data centers.

Our Forever Promise: everyone

The ultimate goal of the Story of My Life Foundation™ is to be the repository of the Stories of all those persons alive on, and born after, the date the Foundation’s web site is established, and memorials of those who have already passed.

Our Forever Promise: access

The Story of My Life Foundation™ does not only provide a digital “vault” for the perpetual storage of life histories; it will make grants to qualified individuals who want to gather the life Stories of those who might not on their own initiative be able to compose their Stories.

Our Forever Promise: why

We believe that everyone has a Story worth telling. The Story of My Life Foundation™ promises to collect and keep these Stories forever.

Every year, thousands of biographies and autobiographies are published in book form; dozens are published in the form of motion pictures or television drams; and hundreds of thousands now appear in some form or other on personal home web-pages or blogs.

Published and film biographies are usually limited to the rich, the famous, or the notorious. While many of these published stories are told over and over - for example, lists 339 books about Marilyn Monroe, 69 books about Al Capone and 2,597 on or about John F. Kennedy - the stories of the vast majority of the billions of people now living, the billions already dead and the additional billions as yet unborn will be known only to those few people who know or knew them personally and will not long survive their subjects.

Imagine anyone’s delight of happening upon an old journal kept by a great-great grandparent or relative. A diary that gave an insight into a family connection of someone’s everyday life and its struggles, triumphs, joys and hopes and dreams. Now imagine the worse fate of never having found this journal, or worse, knowing of its existence but losing it or having it be inadvertently destroyed. Those priceless memories are simply irreplaceable. Where would we be without the "Diary of Anne Frank" or other such memoirs?

The Story of My Life Foundation™ is devoted to providing a means by which Stories can be embodied in digital format and preserved: FOREVER. The Story of My Life Foundation™ is the repository of the life Stories of every person on the planet who chooses to compose his or her biography or who can be reached by other persons interested in compiling that biography. This repository will reside on the world wide web; accessible to all who wish to preserve their Stories or read the Stories of others.

The Stories can be linked to form family trees; clan histories; the life experiences of people whether ordinary and famous, rich or poor, living in the same province or city; or in numerous other ways that could illuminate the lived experience of the people of this world. Historians, ethnographers, sociologists and other scholars will find a huge trove of material for recreating lost worlds and understanding the life of other cultures. Restrictions to access necessary to protect the privacy of living participants are of course also implemented.


The passion, determination, and driving forces of our staff, trustees, volunteers, and donors inspire us to know that we are creating something important together. We thank you for your role and support in building this dream.