Sponsorship & charitable contributions

Foundation Status

The Story of My Life Foundation™ is a tax exempt organization and has applied for its 501(c)(3) public benefits exemption from the United States IRS.

The Foundation does accept donations, which may be tax deductible as per USA IRS regulations (please see your accounting professional for current statutory tax regulations).

Make a Donation

People have many different reasons for contributing. You may understand the inherent nature of entrusting data as precious as Family and individual Story legacies to be kept forever, you may be putting a donation towards your future generations of family members so that they will always have access to your Story.

Whatever your motivation, we're grateful for your gift, no matter what its size.

Donation Options

  • Donate now using your credit card.
  • Mail a check to the address given below:
    Story of My Life Foundation
    3478 Buskirk Ave Suite 100
    Pleasant Hill, CA 94523
  • Give a gift of stock. For wire transfer instructions, or any other information regarding stock gifts, please contact us.
  • Real estate and personal property gifts are also welcome. Please contact us for more information.
  • Consider a planned gift. Make a commitment today that will benefit Stories of your Family members in the future.


To learn more about our Volunteer opportunities, please contact us. We look forward to hearing from you!